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“What are the best tips to create effective teaching methods in home tuition ipoh?”

Effective teaching depends on the strategies, approaches, methods and techniques suitable and appropriate to the target. The following points should be considered and taken into account before a teacher apply teaching methods, including a method should be in accordance with the aims and objectives of the lesson; method should lead to a lesson Objectives to be achieved; methods need to approach the nature of the lessons to be learned, for example, to teach sewing teacher should use the method of demonstration; method should be commensurate with the age of the pupils; The selected method can be applied by the teachers, and there is provision of adequate time and facilities to apply in respect of earlier methods of teaching to finish the topic.

Mastering Strategy Thinking Skills

Curiosity and desire for lifelong learning should be created in the soul of every student. In this era of knowledge-based economy, students are directed to create new science-based cognitive skills, particularly problem solving, reasoning, home tuition ipoh and creative thinking and being innovative. Is the situation that encourages a person to think? Thinking is a process of using the mind to find meaning or understand something, make judgments and select an action to resolve the problem. Use the tools of thinking and questioning basic questions (what, who, when, where, why, how and to what extent), graphic mind maps, graphics management, SWOT analysis, fish-bone diagram (Ishikawa) and map thinking; is a common method of stimulating the human brain had to think. Thinking tools are used extensively in the relevant PDP process.


When we question ourselves and find the answer, we are actually natural thought process. To find the answer, we need to be operated on the following three aspects, namely, knowledge (what we know about it); Skills (ask himself about the matter); Attitudes or values (desires to know about that)

Rating thinking involves mental operations that occur in a person’s mind or cognitive system to solve a problem. Ideas, experiences and information obtained restructured in accordance with the requirements for the problem-related.

As such, the implications of the PDP, teachers must often ask questions to stimulate student thinking. Teachers should train students to use a variety of tools to think so brilliant ideas can be expressed clearly and in visual form or mapping and so can generate action problem.

How students can develop the thinking? Here are the steps that can be performed:

a) Teachers ask questions such as why a high level, how, to what extent, if your judgment, what is expected of you, create new revenue, assay and the like.

b) Encourage students to find real information about the contents of a lesson outside of the text provided.

c) Expand the group discussion activities, and formulate information in graphical form suitable and sharing answers or the assignments in class.

d) Presentation of the group can create a sense of responsibility and accountability students.

e) Teachers should guide students to defend their arguments and give constructive criticism and appreciate new knowledge that can be shared.

f) Teacher as facilitator always stimulate students to respond actively and positively and make sure no students are left out in home tuition ipoh.

g) Create a learning environment that stimulates students to ask the teacher or other group.

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